Avocet ABS Door Lock 3 Star High Security Euro Cylinder

Avocet ABS Door Lock 3 Star High Security Euro Cylinder

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 Star ABS Euro Cylinder Lock MK3 & Secure Key Registeringhttp://www.upvcplasticsurgery.co.uk/dzinehub/listingimages/door%20cylinders/abs-banner.jpg

This is it the ULTIMATE door security upgrade - Avocet's ABS is the highest accredited lock on the market with unique and effective snap secure technology. ABS is proven to protect against lock snapping attacks and is fast becoming the number one solution to securing homes and properties.

ABS is a retro-fit lock with a 3 star Kitemark; these locks are the Ultimate in high security not only anti-snap but bump, drill and pick resistant and the Avocet ABS requires no additional security devices such as security handles or cylinder guards or clamps to prevent burglary, due to the unique way it prevents access to the internal lock mechanism. Unlike many other so-called anti snap locks on the market the Avocet ABS high security cylinder lock has a patented locking cam that totally blocks access into the lock case - no other euro profile cylinder lock on the market has this same effective system.

ABS has achieved a 3 star British Kitemark, Sold Secure Diamond rating and is Secured by Design - the police preferred design specification and it fits UPVC, timber and composite doors. NO other anti snap euro profile cylinder door lock available holds all of these standards!

Available in Brass or Chrome finish


Please Note: 30mm sized barrels do not have the kitemark due to reduced size which limits the key combinations to below 30,000. This does NOT impact upon the snap secure technology.



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Tested to and achieved: BS EN 1303: 2005, BS 3621:2007, PAS 24: 2007, TS007:2012 - 3 STAR

Yes Replaces Euro cylinder locks that are venerable to snapping attacks
Yes 3 Star rated British Kitemark
Yes Corrosion resistance: BS EN1670:2007
Yes Unique anti snap features
Yes Suitable for UPVC, timber and composite doors
Yes Anti snap, bump, drill and pick resistant
Yes Secured by design - Police preferred specification
Yes No security door handle required
Yes Secure key registering
Yes Sold secure diamond grade SS312
Yes Pins 8 + 1 magnetic



How do I measure an ABS door cylinder?


Please remember that one side of an ABS lock is dedicated external and the other internal, so great care must be taken to ensure you note which measurement is which. Avocet ABS locks are clearly marked 'EXT' on the external side for easy fitting.

The easiest way to measure your old euro cylinder lock is to remove it from your door, taking note which end is external.

Measurement A (Internal): Measure from the internal side to the centre of the screw hole. A = 40mm

Measurement B (External): Measure from the external side to the centre of the screw hole. B = 50mm

The cylinder size you would need to order in this example case is 40mm Int 50mm Ext





How far should a door cylinder protrude out of the door handle?

Your new door cylinder should protrude between 2mm and 5mm from the handle back plates, but due to the overall lengths of cylinders available this is not always possible. It is most sensible to go for exactly the same size as you are replacing (unless your old cylinder was protruding excessively).


How to measure and fit your Avocet ABS Euro Cylinder.




What's in the pack?

1 x Avocet ABS 3 Star Euro Cylinder Lock

3 x High Security Code Keys

1 x Key Card

1 x Fixing Screw



What are anti snap, drill, pick and bump resistant?

Anti snap:

Cylinder locks are vulnerable to a technique known as "lock snapping", also known as "cylinder snapping", where force is applied to the lock until it breaks into two pieces. To overcome the risk of "lock snapping", several lock manufacturers have developed higher security anti-snap cylinders. These security cylinders typically feature anti-snap lines and are British Standard Kitemark, Sold Secure Diamond rated and Secured by Design approved.


Anti drill:

Sometimes a burglar may use a strong, HSS drill bit to drill out the lock. This is a less subtle and destructive method that involves drilling on the Sheer Line to the depth of the key and then turning the Plug with a screw driver.

Anti pick:

This technique involves manipulating the pins within the euro cylinder so that they all align on the shear line and allow the Plug to be turned and the lock opened. Very high quality cylinders are less prone to this attack and because the ABS cylinder has a magnetic pin it is even less venerable.

Anti bump:

The term Lock-Bumping describes the process in which an adapted key is inserted into the euro cylinder and through application of torque and strikes to the key, the door can be opened in seconds. Such attacks are increasing across the UK and leave little or no visible signs of damage, which can hamper any subsequent insurance claim. Only a rare few key-pin locks are bump resistant and the Avocet ABS is one of them.


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All Prices include VAT & Free Mainland UK Delivery, for other areas delivery costs are automatically calculated, based upon total weight of order.

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All Prices include VAT & Free Mainland UK Delivery, for other areas delivery costs are automatically calculated, based upon total weight of order.

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