Window and Door Restrictors

Window and Door Restrictors

Window and Door Restrictors
Be it fire-escape, cleaning or child safety issues, we offer a range of hinges and stays that are ideal for double glazing repairs or performance enhancement.

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Product no.: 125-888-777

The 20cm long cable window restrictor provides a 10cm opening as recommended by the RoSPA. This enables the windows to be opened enough to allow sufficient ventilation but not enough for someone to fall out. A key is also provided so that the restrictor can be locked as required and also so the window can be fully opened when necessary.

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BOA Window child Restrictor to fit Upvc or Aluminium windows.

An excellent 2 handed operation window restrictor that has been designed to avoid accidental disengaging. There are no keys required and the device automatically re-engages when the window is closed.

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Product no.: J2

A window restrictor arm for inward and outward opening windows including tilt and turn.

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The "VBH Window Restrictor" is a simple yet effective window device for safety.

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The Maco Ventilation Restrictor is a face fix tilt and turn window restrictor. The Ventilation restrictor can be locked via an Allen key (supplied), the restrictor also features a friction device to control the amount of air flow through the window.

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Product no.: G36

The Mach Tech 100 Door Restrictors feature a Unique end snapper that helps hold the door open. The slider features an adjustable friction brake to prevent the door from slamming shut in windy conditions and multiple screw port let you restrict the door opening up to 90 degrees.

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Product no.: H95

Briton Metal Fire Door Closer Automatic Overhead Size 3 Silver 121CE SES

The Briton 121CE Fire Door Closer ticks all the boxes - a size 3 that suits a door with a maximum width of 950 mm and a maximum door weight of 60 kg.

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Product no.: 90degreedoorrestrictor

The 90° Door Stainless Steel Restrictor features an end snapper that helps to hold the door open. This restrictor will fit almost all UPVC doors and some aluminium and timber doors with a 16mm sash eurogroove.

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Product no.: F59-845-741

Composite door restrictor with integral damping

This composite restrictor features a unique low profile stay to hold the door open. This restrictor will fit almost all composite doors with a 4mm air gap. The restrictor is only visible when the door is in the open position.

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