Professional Foam Gun and 3 Cans Gun Cleaner

Professional Foam Gun and 3 Cans Gun Cleaner

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PU Polyurethane Expanding Foam Gun & Gun Cleaner Kit:

1 x Professional PU Expanding Foam Gun Applicator:

Manufactured by Bond-It, this is a high quality professional gun applicator for use with gun grade canisters. It is used in the sealing of cavities, usually encountered when mounting and fitting windows, door frames and when roofing etc. This ergonomically designed gun will be pleasing in the hand of the ardent handyman and the professional alike. Fitting the Professional PU Foam Gun is quick and easy - just screw onto any gun grade canister, pull the trigger to release a controlled flow of expanding foam and away you go - simple.


3 x Expanding Foam Gun Cleaning Solvent:

As any good workman knows maintenance of the tools he works with is of paramount importance. For any person who regularly uses expanding foam, a good quality gun is a necessity; looking after such a tool prolongs the life and ensures a good foam flow every time.

Soudal Gun & Foam cleaner has been specially formulated to clean PU-Foam applicator guns by screwing the can directly to the gun and blowing any uncured foam through the nozzle. The foam gun cleaner has been designed to fit standard threads on all PU foam applicator guns, the can may also be converted to a normal spray can to clean the exterior of the gun from uncured foam


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  • Professional Gun with chrome plated all metal aluminium body, steel nozzle
  • Adjustable easy control flow
  • 2 additional long extension tubes for those hard to get into places & 2 additional tapered nozzles for precision work
  • Gun cleaning solvent, removes and dissolves fresh, uncured PU (polyurethane) foam
  • Dual Function; Fitted with an adaptor ring which screws directly onto the gun, can also be used as a spray can away from the gun
  • Environmentally safe propellant, high strength formula



What's in the pack?

1 x Professional PU Expanding Foam Gun Applicator

3 x 500ml Expanding Foam Gun Cleaning Solvent




  • The gun can be used to apply PU Polyurethane Foam for sealing and isolation of cavities when mounting and fixing windows, and door frames etc.
  • Insulating, sound proofing and roofing structures; Filling irregular gaps in domestic, industrial and automotive applications; Ideal for pipe entries through brickwork.
  • Gun cleaner is specifically designed for the cleaning of uncured foam from the foam gun, May be used to clean DIY grade nozzles




Important information for the general removal of PU foams:

Because GUN FOAM CLEANER for applicator guns contains acetone, it may dissolve or discolour surfaces such as plastics, lacquers, coatings, paints, textiles etc. Use with extreme care and test suitability before use.

Important: Only fresh foam can be removed with GUN FOAM CLEANER.

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All Prices include VAT & Free Mainland UK Delivery, for other areas delivery costs are automatically calculated, based upon total weight of order.

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