VBH Upvc Window Restrictor

VBH Upvc Window Restrictor

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About the VBH window restrictor:

An excellent single handed operation window restrictor, there are no keys required and the device automatically re-engages when the window is closed.

This restrictor fits inline with your friction hinges.

It's fully concealed so there are no unsightly attachments on the main surface of the window. The VBH Restrictor is designed to give approx 25mm restricted opening. The restrictor automatically re-engages when sash closes and is non-key locking for emergency escape in the event of a fire.

This Stainless steel restrictor mechanism offers a restricted opening on frames up to 1200mm square.



  • Sash opens to approx 25mm for ventilation.
  • Non key operated for fire egress.
  • Automatic re-engagement controlled safety.
  • Stainless Steel
  • Can be fitted to existing windows.
  • Non profile specific - fits most systems
  • Handed - Left & Right hand versions
  • Fixing screws are not included.

Buy Self Drilling Hardware Screws, 3.9mm X 25mm (Countersunk Head) for VBH restrictor



  • Pin catch - L 40mm x W 16mm
  • Restrictor -  L 89mm x W 15.5mm


There are 4 versions of this restrictor striker post that fits to the frame: 9.5mm, 10.5mm, 11.5mm & 14.5mm.


How do I know which size striker Pin I need?

You need to know that the pin on the striker plate is small enough to allow the window to close but protrudes enough for the restrictor catch to latch over.

Open the window just far enough to slip a ruler or tape measure into the groove of the frame where the window hinge sits.

Measure to the edge of the sash with the window just open. (This is often called the Stack Height)




















The most common measurements are 17mm and 13mm. A measurement of 17mm will require a striker pin of 11.5mm and a measurement of 13mm will require a striker pin of 9.5mm.



Left or Right handed?

This is nice and simple! When viewed from the inside decide which side of the window you will be placing the restrictor and order the corresponding item as below.

Side Hung Windows:

If your window hinges are fixed to the top and bottom your window is side hung, order a left hand restrictor if your handle is on the right hand side, right hand restrictor if fitted to the left.

Top Hung Windows:

For top hung windows where the handle is at the bottom, you have the choice of fitting either a left or right hand restrictor.


Please select your choice of size and orientation from the drop down menu above.














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All Prices include VAT & Free Mainland UK Delivery, for other areas delivery costs are automatically calculated, based upon total weight of order.

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