Easi Easy Clean Fire Egress Stainless Steel Friction Window Hinges

Easi Easy Clean Fire Egress Stainless Steel Friction Window Hinges

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Pair Cotswold Fire Escape Easi Clean Stainless Steel Friction Window Hinges

The new EZ easi-clean range of egress stays from Cotswold, high quality products with a simpler operation and smoother action at a fantastic price.

Conforming to all current British Building Standards and FENSA requirements. The new EZ range allows the window to be opened to 90° fulfilling new part B regulations, ensuring emergency access in the event of a fire. A simple mechanism also allows the window to smoothly slide along the track and allows the window to be cleaned from inside the building.

These top quality hinges will give you improved security and weather sealing through the use of a Nylon reduced friction end cap. These stays have been designed to offer smooth closure and higher performance over standard window hinges, they are specially engineered to stay in any open position and offer high performance time after time.

The new EZ easi-clean range of egress stays from Cotswold - No fiddly buttons, just large smooth thumb slides, perfect for easycleaning and these hinges serve an even greater purpose - when it comes to escaping from a fire in your home these could literally be a life saver!


Universal Fitting

There are two Stack Heights available in this type of hinge; please see below to determine which will meet your needs. These hinges are designed to be universal in fitting and as long as the correct measurements of length, width and stack height are taken they will make replacement easy. We stock both 13mm and 17mm stack hinges in both sizes.


Screw Fixings

Screws for these hinges are not automatically included due to the wide variation of window material they could be used with. We do however, stock several types of screw which may be suitable for your window type in our fixings section.




  • Supplied in pairs
  • High-grade Ferretic stainless steel
  • Proven 30,000 cycle guarantee
  • Improved weather sealing
  • BBA Approved
  • Available in two stack Heights 13mm and 17mm
  • Lengths Available of 12" and 16"
  • Standard track width 18mm



How to use Easi Clean Hinges:

  • Initial opening similar to Standard Side Hung Friction Stay
  • Full  opening to 90° Providing clear egress in excess of  500mm on a 600mm wide vent
  • Easy to operate thumb catches allow the vent to slide to the Easy clean position giving between 100 and  250mm clear opening
  • To reset simply close  the window and then re-open to go back to the egress position and close
  • Conforms to BS6375 parts 1 and 2 - When fitting the SP312 /316 please observe. BS8213 Part 1: 1991 Code of practice for safety in use and during cleaning of windows

Cotswold Operating Instructions for SP312EZ and SP316EZ



What's in the pack?

1 x Pair of Selected Easi Clean Friction Window Hinges



How should I measure my hinges?

A: First you need to establish the hanging type , do you require a top or side hung hinge? (N. B. These hinges are available in side hung only)

B: Then you need to take your first measurement - this is the actual length of the hinge. You will need to measure the part that fixes to the window frame (not sash), please see the diagram below showing where the hinge length measurements are taken from. Hinges come in the following sizes: 12 or 16 inches long.

C: The second measurement is that of the hinge width i.e. the width of the metal part that fixes to the outer frame. (Almost all window hinges will measure 18mm in width, but with windows that are very old the measurement could be 14mm and if this is the case this hinge will not unfortunately, fit.)

D: The final measurement that you need is the Stack Height, this measurement is the height of the hinge when closed, please see diagram. Stack heights come in two sizes 13mm or 17mm, so even if you are unsure you can usually calculate which is correct because of the 4mm difference.






Product Specifications

Size " Size (mm) Application

Max.WindowWidth (mm)

Max. Window Height (mm)

Max. Window Weight (kg)

Stack Height (mm)

Opening Angle
12 311 Side Hung 600 1200 18* 13 & 17 90°
16 413 Side Hung 600 1300 21 13 & 17 90°

* or 21 kg with Riser.



Q & A

How can I make sure that my customers know how to move the window to the easi-clean position?

Cotswold produce the EZ range of easi-clean egress stays that have a clearly identifiable release mechanism to re-position the window for easy cleaning.


At present what are the requirements laid down by the Buildings Regulations concerning egress windows?

The window should have an unobstructed openable area that is at least 0.33m2 and at least 450mm high and 450mm wide (the route through the window may be at an angle rather than straight through). The bottom of the opening area should not be more than 1100mm above the floor.


How do I know if my hinges need replacing?

When the window is closed you can still feel a draught on the side the hinge meets the frame (assuming the window gaskets are in place)

When you close the window the hinges fail to close tightly on the hinge side.

A bent or buckled hinge will make your window almost impossible to open and close.

A broken plastic slider on the hinge will mean the sash will fail to hold when partly open.

Badly corroded hinges will eventually fail and could potentially be very dangerous (we have seen many window sashes that have literally fallen out!). Replace any corroded hinges urgently. 

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All Prices include VAT & Free Mainland UK Delivery, for other areas delivery costs are automatically calculated, based upon total weight of order.

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